Book sheds light on origins of Catalonia

Andorran Miquel Huguet is both a collector and entrepreneur, activities he combines to satisfy his great passion: illustrated books. Typically, such books were religious, and Huguet decided he wanted to bring to light documents not produced in monasteries but in noble houses and royal courts, including those related to trade and local authority agreements, which were originally spectacularly ornamental and had content of great historical significance. The result was the book Andorra Aeterna, which contains various key documents from the country's history.

Satisfied with the result, he sought the help of publisher La Biblioteca Impossible and compiled a new work of over eighty historical documents, this time on Catalonia. The result is Cathalonia Aeterna, “This book provides proof that Catalonia had its own state and relations with other countries on an equal footing,” the compiler says.

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