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Catching up with slow fashion

As every year, we devote our main feature to the latest trends in fashion. However, this time we focus on local designers and so-called Slow Fashion, a concept that is growing and gaining more followers every day. Designers and brands like Clara Esteve, Rita Row, Brain & Beast, Med Winds, About Arianne are just a few of the local professionals featured in this month's issue. Slow fashion, an alternative concept to fast and low cost fashion, is concerned about sustainable manufacturing, respect for the environment, use of organic and recycled fabrics, and respect for employees' rights. In addition, local designers manufacture in Catalonia and boost local employment. Nowadays, consumers concerned about their health carefully study food labels and cosmetics. Do you do the same when buying clothes? Do you prefer quality or quantity? Do you want to know about the fabric used, where the clothes have been made and under what working conditions? Share your thoughts with us, and check out our website, www.cataloniatoday.cat, our Facebook and Twitter, and listen to our Catchat podcast on Soundcloud. Stay tuned!

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