Referendum law sent around world

Catalan Foreign Affairs Ministry: international legal framework “makes calling the 1-O referendum possible”

The Foreign Affairs Ministers of the world now have the text of the referendum law registered in the Catalan Parliament on Monday. The Catalan government yesterday took another step towards internationalising the Catalan independence issue by sending the English text of the law together with a memorandum from its Foreign Affairs Ministry to governments around the world to explain that the law is intended to create a legal framework for Catalans to decide their own future.

The document argues that the law is based on three factors: the desire to find a political solution to the conflict with the Spanish government, the need to respond to the demand expressed by Catalans at the polls, and the existence of an international legal framework which “makes it possible to call a referendum on independence and create a new state in Europe”.

The memorandum states that the law will be approved at the beginning of September, that the date of the referendum is October 1 and that it will come with “all the necessary democratic guarantees.” It also notes that the future law is “a democratic response” to the Spanish Constitutional Court’s ruling on the Catalan Statute, which resulted in “the breakdown of the constitutional pact of 1978”, and the refusal of the Spanish institutions to negotiate a political solution to the legitimate demands of the Catalans.

In addition, the government also uses the memorandum to denounce the process of State recentralisation and the fact that “Catalonia is becoming a structural minority within the State, which prevents it from having full recognition, representation and participation in the political, social, economic and cultural life of the State, free from all discrimination”.

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