Madrid fears O-1 could turn violent

Rajoy asks Constitutional Tribunal to halt Transition Law; suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy is still an option

The Moncloa is concerned about an outbreak of violence in Catalonia following October 1. Having said that, the Spanish Government’s official spokesperson, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo claimed “all governments are concerned about any possibility of violence,” and went on to appeal to all citizens, given the current state of political tension, to reject any attempt by “the extremists to provoke some kind of violence”.

Méndez de Vigo was responding to a question during the Cabinet press conference yesterday afternoon when asked if Mariano Rajoy’s government was concerned that the tension caused by the political situation could escalate. The spokesperson however, appealed to the civic spirit of the Catalans to preserve “coexistence and harmony,” but noted that the executive will be watchful to ensure that there is no disorder.

Catalan politics dominated the cabinet meeting which continued with its appeals to the Constitutional Court (TC), this time with the Law of Legal Transition and the Catalan Tax Code, just one day after it tabled similar appeals against the referendum itself and all regulations associated with the process. The TC has been in almost constant session since Rajoy’s government began its appeals. At the close of session on Friday afternoon it had not yet ruled on the appeals but is likely to announce a temporary suspension of all of the Catalan Parliament’s dictates when it resumes again on Monday morning. Such a move on that particular day could cause an escalation of tension as the coming Monday is the celebration of the “Diada” or Catalonia’s national day.

When asked if Madrid had considered the suspension of Catalan autonomy, the spokesperson simply reiterated that the government would consider all options.

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