Barceloneta residents resume protest

Demands for abolition of tourist apartments; fears Barceloneta will become tourist-only neighbourhood

Despite improvements in the situation of uncontrolled tourism and binge drinking that led Barceloneta residents to place both legal and illegal tourist apartments in the spotlight last summer, with numerous inspections by Barcelona City Council resulting in licences being revoked over the past twelve months, many problems still remain.

The uncivil behaviour, especially at night, of masses of tourists swamping the beachside neighbourhood, together with the rise in rents and local shops being replaced by businesses solely aimed at tourism have made life increasingly difficult for long-suffering residents.

This is the reason why they have returned to the streets. Two marches were held last week and more are planned for next week to demand further measures to combat the effects of mass tourism. Aware that the neighbourhood is coveted for its seafront location, there are those who fear that Barceloneta will end up being devoured by a voracious tourism.

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