Catalunya Sí que es Pot try to avoid March elections

The leftist coalition Catalunya Sí que es Pot have “gone on the offensive” in an attempt to avoid a failure to form a government which would automatically lead to new elections in March 2016. Spokesman Joan Coscubiela said yesterday that there was a need to “overcome the present situation of paralysis” and “institutional collapse” to form a government as quickly as possible in order to face pressing social needs. In order to do this, Coscubiela announced that his group would be willing to give support to a candidate from Junts per Sí who would be willing to renounce the parliamentary declaration of breaking from Spain. Artur Mas would not be an acceptable candidate and a proposal from Junts per Sí should not be a candidate from CDC. The coalition has been in talks with both the PSC and CUP as regards to agreeing on a plan of action in areas of social concern which would be the priority of an incoming government and as such receive support from the three groups. Coscubiela is hopeful that all involved will understand the urgency of forming a government before Christmas.

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