Criteo plans for 300 jobs

The French digital marketing firm makes Barcelona its European hub; expansion will reach 300 jobs from a firm which began operations in 2014

The French digital marketing specialist firm Criteo has decided to strengthen its commitment to Barcelona, where it opened its first office in 2014 with 24 employees. Yesterday the company celebrated its most recent expansion in the Catalan capital, where it already has 250 employees in four floors of the Torre Mapfre, occupying more than 5,000 square metres. The firm intends to extend this number to 300 in the first quarter of 2017.

Criteo's director for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Thomas Jeanjean, said yesterday that the company had chosen Barcelona as its European hub: “the dynamism and attractiveness of Barcelona are key elements in our strategy in the search for new talent in the international arena.” The company already has nationals from 22 countries serving customers in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Criteo works with comSony, LetsBonus and H10 Hotels among other firms. The Barcelona office is the second largest following its headquaters in Paris.

The Catalan Minister of Commerce and Enterprise, Jordi Baiget, believes the company profile fits in well with the Catalan capital in attracting international talent as part of a recent start-up in the technology sector with high growth potential that has already proven itself.

The fact that the company has decided to use the city as its European hub is a reflection of the city's ability to provide new firms with the infrastructures and lifestyle they are seeking when choosing to open new centres. The minister also emphasised that Catalonia is not yet capable of producing the number of specialists needed in certain sectors on its own.

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