Transition law before 1-O

Pro-independence parties present bill laying down foundations of new Catalan state in parliament vowing to pass it before October 1 referendum

The sovereignty process finally has a script in the shape of the law of transitional jurisprudence and foundation of the republic. The Together for Yes (JxSí) and CUP parties presented the bill yesterday, announcing the intention of passing the legislation before October 1, the date set for the independence referendum. With this final piece of the roadmap, the pro-independence parties now have everything in place to defy the Spanish state and make their bid for independence.

Within the TJxSí coalition, the PDeCAT party gave in to the arguments of ERC, and CUP, that the public should know what is to happen next when they go to vote on October 1. What’s more, if the legislation is passed in the Catalan parliament, it could add weight to the binding nature of the vote. However, the bill that lays down the foundations of a new independent state will only come into force should the October 1 referendum take place and only if the yes vote wins. Otherwise, as included in the referendum bill also to be passed this month, elections will be called immediately.

Spain’s ruling PP party yesterday gained the support of the PSOE socialist opposition party in ensuring the bill never becomes law. However, Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy cannot challenge the so-called “disconnection” bills in the courts until the Catalan parliamentary bureau admits them for debate. So far JxSí and CUP have given no hints about when the bills will begin their passage through the Catalan parliament or whether they will be passed on the same day. Yet, without their passage Carles Puigdemont and the Catalan government cannot go ahead and call the October 1 referendum.

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