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New season brings hope and euphoria

October was both a crucial and intense month for Catalonia, which ended with the Parliament declaring the Catalan Republic on October 27. We reflect the hope and euphoria this caused on this month’s front cover. Inside you will also find a summary of the main events of the independence process on pages 20-22. This historic moment for the country is far from resolved and will no doubt go on for some time yet. In the coming months we will be sure to keep you informed of all the key developments in the ongoing political crisis.

However, it’s not all about politics and this month we have some top recommendations. Firstly, we focus on the new Andy Warhol exhibition at Caixaforum, a chance to see the work of a genuine 20th century icon. Then there is the Games of Thrones exhibition that begins its world tour in Barcelona’s Maritime Museum. If Game of Thrones is a reminder that winter is coming, as the slogan of the TV series has it, then it is also a time for cold weather food treats, such as roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and the return of the wild mushroom hunting season. You can find a bunch of food options on pages 46-49. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to send us feedback. Until next month!

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