Domènech lays the blame

“That a group of parties defines itself as constitutionalist is proof that we have a problem” says the candidate for Catalunya En Comú-Podem

Catalunya En Comú-Podem took advantage of the anniversary of the Spanish Constitution to emphasise the need for structural changes in society, which it believes can take place without either constitutional reform or a new constituent process. “The current situation requires urgent solutions, which can happen using existing laws,” said Xavier Domenech, the platform’s candidate, adding “we have already proved that in local bodies the existing framework has the tools to improve the lives of people.”

Domenech accused the pro-Article 155 parties as “presenting themselves as the saviours of the nation and the Constitution, as they are not a solution when they are a fundamental part of the problem.” He also said that with Rajoy and Rivero in charge, the existing Constitution would not have been possible. He also accused the Socialists of being in the pay of the PP and criticised the PSC for including member s of the UDC in its lists.

Constitutional expert Javier Pérez Royo who also spoke at the meeting yesterday at ESCI-UPF in Barcelona expressed his concern for an “exceptional” moment and warned of the risks that prolonging a state of emergency beyond December 22 may have for Catalonia and for Spain. “It could undermine the system,” he said before going on to stress the importance of of these elections as “fundamental for everyone, but especially for the Spanish left.”

In a similar vein, Gerardo Pisarello expressed his doubts about a possible constitutional reform promoted by the pro-155 parties which could “empty the current constitution, as they want a more centralised and antisocial state.”

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