Llarena sets sights on CDR

Supreme Court judge begins to construct the overall framework of the case against the Catalan process; Munté, Jané, Ruiz and Baiget called to declare

The Supreme Court case under the instruction of judge Pablo Llarena which presently holds Oriol Junqueras, Joaquim Forn and Òminum leaders and the ANC, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez on remand begins to take shape as general proceeding against independence. The last ruling dictated by Llarena includes extensive documentation regarding the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDRs), civic organizations that came into being in protests and general strikes of October 3 and November 8.

In particular, the judge has ordered a police report into meetings of the CDR at Sabadell, Igaualda and Manlleu and conclusions and agreements reached in these meetings but has not asked for information regarding other meetings. Llarena is also investigating information taken from the website of the, Association of Municipalities for Independence, in relation to the “roadmap unit” and has asked for information on the AMI, its statutes and reports.

One other area of interest relates to bank transfers from current accounts of the Delegation of Catalonia to the European Union, based in Brussels. These two transfers made between September 21 and October 10 to an international centre based in the Netherlands which sent observers to the October 1 referendum and one other made to the government of Croatia, may have been used to evade the economic prohibition imposed by Madrid on money to be used in funding the referendum.

Former Catalan ministers Neus Munté, Maritxell Ruiz, Jordi Jané and Jordi Baiget as well as the former director of the police, Albert Batlle have also been called to give statements.

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