Bárcenas admits he knew of PP’s illegal funding in Valencia

The circle is tightening on the former leadership of the PP in Valencia, led at the time by former President of the Generalitat of Valencia, Francisco Camps. The former treasure of the PP Luis Bárcenas yesterday corroborated the evidence given by the previous treasurer in Valencia Ricardo Costa, who stated earlier that he had informed Bárcenas of a double accounting system used to illegally finance campaigns in the community. According to Bárcenas, Costa had told him in Madrid that he had instructions to bill private companies for campaign expenses. Bárcenas told the court yesterday that he had informed Costa that such practises were illegal and not accepted by the party. He also said that he had told the then party treasurerer, Alvaro Lapuerta of Costa’s claims.

Bárcenas is himself facing a petition from the state prosecutor of 39 years imprisonment for his part in the so-called Gürtel case which involved illegal commissions, bribery, laundering and trafficking of influences in Madrid and Valencia as well as other areas where the PP is in government at local as well as community level. So far the former treasurer has avoided directing the courts or investigators in the direction of the financial affairs of the party on a national level and has been adamant in protecting party leader Mariano Rajoy.

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