Letters to the editor.

Linguistic discrimination

I am a German woman who learnt Catalan when I was living in Germany and visiting Catalonia. A year and a half ago I came to live here. My children have learnt Catalan thanks to the Catalan school system. I speak German, English and Catalan. I don’t speak Spanish, and perhaps that’s why I’ve often had a nasty surprise. Many times I have not been attended to in Catalan in the Canet de Mar primary care centre, or in the Sant Jaume hospital in Calella. I am surprised to find doctors who not only do not speak Catalan but have trouble understanding it, despite being public workers. Not only have they often been unable to attend to me in Catalan (or English or German) but more than one has told me they have no interest in learning it. I find it discriminatory that public sector workers are unable or unwilling to attend to people in one of the two official languages, especially Catalonia’s native language. I hope the authorities rectify this.


Canet de Mar (Maresme).

Unhappy with Vodaphone

On March 1 2018 at 2.42pm I got a call on my mobile from a man telling me he was with Vodafone. I told him I was happy with my provider and not interested. Yet, he accused me of not giving him a chance to explain his offer and refused to accept my repeated refusals to discuss the matter. In the end, he angrily imitated me and hung up. Although I’ve had trouble complaining to Vodafone, I’d like to express my annoyance at this increasingly common aggressive behaviour.



‘L’illa’ and ‘Our Finest Hour’

To my mind, L’illa de Robinson [on El Punt Avui TV] is the best Catalan television programme dealing with current affairs. Among other things, I admire the clarity and good judgement of presenter, Igor Llongueres, the intellectual quality of its participants, the good education and good humour. Unlike so many political debate programmes on other channels, what L’illa manages to do is present the latest news and penetrating, informed and balanced points of view that stimulate and enrich the viewer. I also think that Matthew Tree, who presents Our Finest Hour [on El Punt Avui TV’s English Hour], provides the same service for English-speaking viewers or those who would like to improve their mastery of the language. Two great successes from El Punt Avui Televisió! Someone had to say it!


La Pera (Baix Empordà)

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