Brussel hosts ballot boxes for freedom

The ballot boxes from the October 1 independence referendum still have their use. An initiative of the Catalan Solidarity Committee of Northern Catalonia has turned the boxes into works of art. A number of the boxes have been transformed by creators from various disciplines into works inspired by the historic vote and unprecedented police repression aimed at stopping it. The artworks will feature in the exhibition 55 urnes per la llibertat (55 ballot boxes for freedom), which opens on June 15 in Brussels.

The curators, art critic Fina Duran and Esteve Sabench, conservator at Ceret Museum, say that in their new form the boxes raise a “cry of alarm at what happened.” The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue with a forward by Carles Puigdemont, and with analysis from intellectuals Vicenç Altaió, Joan Maria Minguet, Xavier Antich, David Fernández, Vicenç Partal and Joan Becat.

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