Psychologists elect new dean today

Catalonia’s 14,500 psychologists will today choose who will be the new dean of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia (COPC), after the mandate of Josep Vilajoana ended with certain internal tensions regarding the advisability of a political stance being adopted by the entity. Despite the fact that 80% of the psychologists are female, only one of the four candidates is a woman, in this instance Dolors Marín, a specialist in clinical and community psychology who leads the candidature Psi · R - A College for the Republic. Hers is the only list that does not include any member of the current board of directors and defends “a COPC committed to the country and the citizens”. The other groups all have representation on the outgoing board. They include: Ricard Cayuela,of Més i Millor. Guillermo Mattioli, the leader of El COPC Ets Tu and Andrés Cuartero, representing Vota Renovació.

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