New campaign aims to boost Catalan in music

The Plataforma per la Llengua, which promotes the Catalan language, yesterday presented the campaign, Les xifres canten, demanding “a change in the Catalan government’s musical promotion policies”. The campaign, based around letters sent to the new culture ministry, includes a study that puts Catalonia bottom of the list in terms of promoting its language compared to equivalent communities like Quebec, Ireland, Finland or the Basque Country. Yesterday’s launch of the campaign in Barcelona included musicians such as Marc Serrats, Caïm Riba, Ivette Nadal, Amadeu Casas, Enric Hernàez and Joan Isaac.

The study, which mainly compares promotion policies between 2005 and 2016 in Catalonia with those in equivalent communities, shows that six out of every ten euros handed out in subsidies by the Catalan government went to projects in which the presence of the Catalan language was under 25%.

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