'La Grossa': 3rd time lucky

The 'Grossa' and Sant Jordi lotteries are to be joined by an “extraordinary” draw with the date yet to be set; changes announced for other draws

The already popular Catalan lotteries known as the Grossa, drawn on New Years’ Eve and Sant Jordi (April 23), are to be joined by another. All that is needed, according to Lotteries Commission CEO, Jaume Torrabadella, is a date, something that will set it apart from other days on th calender.

This will be an “extraordinary” draw, such as the ONCE’s special lotteries, and the prize, also yet to be announce, will also be far from the ordinary. This type of lottery almost always attracts larger participations says Torrabadella. The new lottery’s big sisters already make up 60% of the annual income of the Catalan lotteries.

Along with the announcement, the Lotteries Commission has also decided on changes for the draw on December 31 which will see the main prize rise to a succulent €200,000. The cost of the ticket will also rise, from €5 to €10. The CEO says the changes are in response to demands from the public to have lotteries with bigger prizes and logically, if the prize doubles then the ticket price must also reflect that change. Where punters will be rewarded is in the greater possibility of winning a prize when compared with Spain’s national lottery on the same day as the Catalan version has 20% fewer numbers in the draw.

The New Year lottery was introduced in 2013 and the second, Sant Jordi lottery, began in 2016. Since then says Torrabadella, Catalan’s have become more conscious of their own country and that is seen in increased audiences in TV3 and Catalunya Radio. The lotteries are now more popular, especially as people are pleased to see that the earnings invested in social projects here.

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