PDeCAT rules out joint lists without ERC

The president of PDeCAT, David Bonvehí, has admitted that the process which began yesterday aiming to unite independence parties in single candidatures for the May municipal elections “makes no sense” if all the pro-independence parties do not participate. Bonvehí was speaking after the meeting of the executive in which the main challenges facing the party in this new political year have been dealt with as the signal dates of 11-S and 1-O. At this point in time PDeCAT feels it is more important that all pro-independence forces unite in commemorating the events leading up to the Referendum and the Diada, Catalonia’s national day.

In terms of answering Carles Puigdemont’s call to join La Crida, the party feels that it is still too early to judge to what extent each of the groups is willing to participate. For Bonvehí, this space must be “diverse and transversal” and therefore “if not everyone is in the game, we will also have to see what part we play,” he added. He also announced that his party will move ahead as planned with the primaries already underway to choose candidates for mayoralties as well as those to join the candidatures in each municipality. In regard to Barcelona, Bonvehí maintains that Neus Munté, is the best candidate to lead the PDeCAT list.

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