Ada Colau will not attend Diada march and calls to ease tension

The mayoress of Barcelona, Ada Colau, announced yesterday that she will not attend the demonstration of the September 11 Diada organized by the ANC and Òmnium this year because she does not feel comfortable as she considers that the demonstration is manifestly”pro-independence” and in addition, defends “a unilateral approach” to the question, with which she does not agree. As head of the municipal government however, she will participate in all official acts organised by the City Council and the Generalitat, such as the floral offering at the monument of Rafael Casanova. She will also ensure that the popular demonstration can be “celebrated successfully. “

Beyond the Diada, and analysing the general political situation in a RAC1 interview, Colau referred to the controversy over the yellow ribbons affirming they are an “example of freedom of expression,” which we must respect and defend.” She said that few like to see large areas monopolised by one colour or singular political expression and asked especially that people are more environmentally aware and avoid filling parks and forests with such symbols. Colau also condemned any act of violence associated with the situation and asked that citizens defend their views with as little tension as possible.

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