Cs expected to end deal with Susana Díaz

The possibility of early elections in Andalusia is growing, so much so that the PSOE announced yesterday that the elections due for Spring will most likely be held in autumn. The possibility is not exactly new, but has been fueled by threats from Albert Rivera’s Ciutadans party, presently supporting Susana Díaz’s government. Yesterday, Albert Rivera, during a visit to Córdoba, made it clear that the agreement signed with the Andalusian PSOE in 2015 was at an end due to “repeated breaches”, although it will not be made official until tomorrow in a national party executive in Malaga.

Rivera, who had given Díaz 48 hours to comply with his demands, said that if the Andalusian president does so, the legislature will go the full term uninterrupted.

Cs’ main demands are the reduction in the number of representatives in the regional parliament and a reform of the electoral law, both of which are part of the original agreement but which Díaz has made no move so far to fulfill. Díaz’s response is that the remaining legislative time does not allow for such changes that require complex proceedings to comply with the Statute and that Rivera’s demands are simply an excuse to force early elections. The socialists also claim that Cs have become a disruptive element in regional politics.

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