Typhoon Jebi creates havoc in Japan

Typhoon Jeb, swept through the western half of Japan on Tuesday, leaving in its wake 10 dead and 300 injured, according to the latest figures released yesterday by the Japanese government. Jebi, the most powerful typhoon that has reached the country in the last 25 years, has caused torrential rains, flooded rivers and brought winds over 210 kph causing important damage to buildings and vehicles. Most deaths were caused by either falling or flying objects and the number could rise in coming days. Japan Airlines has cancelled over 800 flights with the airport at Osaka the most affected, where flooding was so bad that passengers and airport staff had to be ferried out by the emergency services. More than 1.6 million households had cuts in electricity in Osaka and in neighbouring areas, such as the city of Kyoto, where 50% of the homes were without power on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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