A protest full of colour

Injuries and arrests as pro-independence organisations aim to disrupt a demonstration by members of the Spanish police and Guardia Civil

Various pro-independence organisations yesterday aimed to provide a response to the events organised by the Jusapol association, representing members of the Spanish police and the Guardia Civil, to pay tribute to the officers who took part in the police crackdown of the independence referendum on October 1.

The first protest aiming to disrupt the Jusapol demonstration took place in Barcelona’s Sant Jaume square, despite the Catalan interior ministry suggesting the protesters move to another site.

It was here that the first encounters with the Catalan police took place, with the Mossos d’Esquadra creating a cordon and baton charging the crowd to prevent the protesters from reaching the Jusapol demonstration, which was making its way to Catalunya square.

The protest began with fireworks and paint reminiscent of an Indian holi festival thrown on the riot police and their vehicles, while protesters tried to get to Catalunya square to disrupt the police demonstration that also included members of the Ciutadans political party and the far-right VOX party.

The moments of most tension took place at the top of the Rambles, near Catalunya square, with the Catalan police baton charging the crowds, leaving 25 people injured, while six people, all independence supporters, were arrested.

The far-left, pro-independence CUP party, which was involved in organising the protests, called for the resignation of president Quim Torra and interior minister Miquel Buch for allowing a demonstration that “celebrated the repression on October 1.”

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