Parc Güell to get new shuttle bus line

Barcelona city council is to launch a new shuttle bus between the Alfons X metro stop and Parc Güell, one of the city’s main tourist sites. According to the council, the aim is to relieve the pressure on the existing bus lines, which often become packed with tourists travelling to the park, eliciting complaints from regular users.

The council estimates that 80% of visitors to the park get there own their own, rather than as part of an organised tour, and of these some 60% reach the site on public transport. The new bus will be able to transport between 300 and 600 passengers an hour, and will be in constant use from the time the park opens to when it closes. The journey is expected to take around half an hour, while the bus ticket will be included in the price of entry to the park. The initiative is one of 196 in the strategic plan for Parc Güell, which will see €24.9 million invested over five years.

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