Rally in Riace to show support for mayor

Some 4,000 people took part yesterday in a demonstration in the southern Italian town of Riace, to show their support for mayor Domenico Lucano, who is currently under house arrest after being accused of aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

After passing through the streets of the city, the demonstrators made their way to Lucano’s house, chanting slogans, such as “keep on fighting” or “this is a battle of civilisation, you are not alone”.

Lucano greeted the group of protesters from a window of his house, raising his right fist in the air, while the crowd sang along to the tune of Bella Ciao, and shouted out “Riace will not be stopped, free Lucano”.

Among the protesters were some well-known faces, such as the former president of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, as well as the union leader, Aboubakar Soumahoro, according to local media sources.

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