‘Selfies’ wins Best Film at the Filmets festival

Our need to photograph all aspects of our lives and share them on social media is the subject of the short film, Selfies, which won the Best Film prize at the Badalona Film Festival. The Swiss production is an animated short that is critical of society’s seeming obsession with the selfie. The film was written and directed by Claudius Gentinetta.

Meanwhile, the festival’s jury prize went to Bonobo, also a Swiss production directed by Zoel Aeschbacher. Another of Badalona’s Venus prizes, as the festival’s awards are known, went to the Polish documentary Proch, for best direction. The 25-minute short film shows all the stages a cadaver goes through from the moment of death until burial.

Rachel Shenton won the Best Female Actor prize, for her role as a sign language teacher, while Martin Drainville, the main actor in the Quebec production, Trois pages, won the Venus for the Best Male Actor.

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