United States looks to hold President Trump in check

The absolute power currently wielded by the Republican Party in the US, and therefore by President Donald Trump, is to become history if the current polls are correct, with the Democrats set to regain the House of Representatives in yesterday’s elections at the closing of this edition.

The anti-Trump energy accumulated over almost two years did not look enough to take Congress completely, but the results will be a severe blow to the president.

Tradition holds that the party in the White House loses thirty seats in the midterm elections, a figure that rises with unpopular presidents like Trump.

The Democrats will now be able to continually hold Trump’s power in check over the next two years. They will not only block laws, however, but also have the power to investigate the administration and the president. This would include Trump’s tax declarations being made public to determine whether, as some investigations have it, his fortune is based on fraud and manoeuvring. They could even force his impeachment.

This Congress could be the most diverse in history, with the first Muslim women and the first representatives of indigenous origin as candidates. And rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be the youngest ever congresswoman.

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