PSOE moves to ban Franco idolatry in public

Yesterday, the Spanish government took further steps with regards to the exhumation and subsequent reburial of the remains of Francisco Franco, to ensure that “the remains of a dictator will not be allowed to occupy a public place, which could become a place of worship”. Pedro Sánchez’s government stated they will use “whatever resources and policies we deem appropriate, to avoid this.” Although the government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaá, did not mention the Madrid Cathedral, it is clear her government intends to block the wishes of Franco’s grandchildren, for his remains, once exhumed, to be put to rest there. Sources in the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), asserted that next week, the party will submit at least two amendments to the Law of Historical Memory, with a “clear intent” of preventing this. The amendments will seek to install legislation regarding the praising of the dictatorship in public places, “regardless of who the owner may be.” Sources have indicated that the proposed penalties for owners of spaces or venues which allow this to take place will range from economic sanctions or fines, to temporary or permanent closure. Celáa said “2019 will be the year in which dictators can no longer be praised in a public place with impunity, in Spain”.

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