VOX: a blast from the past

The party wants to abolish the autonomous governments, deport immigrants and repeal the law on gender violence

Vox, the neo-fascist party that surprised everyone by winning seats in the Andalusian elections, has “the suspension of Catalan autonomy and crushing the Coup d’etat” as the first point in its electoral programme. This spearheads a hundred proposals that go from banning parties and associations that “pursue the destruction of the territorial unity of the Spanish nation”, to the “deportation of illegal immigrants”, to abolishing access to abortion on the public health service.

The far-right party released their programme on October 7 in a large rally in Madrid, where its leader, Santiago Abascal, gave a speech against immigration, autonomous regions and feminism.

Besides abolishing Catalan autonomy, Vox wants to eliminate all autonomous regions and all subsidies to political parties and trade unions. It also proposes increasing the punishment for the desecration of the flag, removing the requirement for civil servants to know Catalan and eliminating the Catalan police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra.

“A single government and a single parliament for everyone in Spain” reads the programme, which calls for a national plan for “the dissemination of national identity” in Spain and “the immediate repeal of the Historical Memory Law”.

Regarding immigration, Vox proposes the deportation of immigrants without legal status, and of immigrants with status who have criminal records. They also propose the closure of mosques and the expulsion of so-called radical imams.

These neo-fascist extremists want to stop abortions and sex-change operations being available on the public health service and they want to repeal the law on gender violence because “it discriminates against one gender”.

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