’La Bohème’ in a warehouse

Giaccomo Puccini’s opera can be performed without an orchestra and without heart. The garage version of ’La Bohème’ sets out to do just this. Seven singers are to perform part I, III and IV of the opera in a 350 square meter warehouse in Palo Alto, Poblenou (Barcelona) with a piano offering the only accompaniment. In this rendition the owner of the apartment that claims the late rent has become the owner of the warehouse in which the action takes place.

Bilbao’s opera season opened with this opera directed by Emiliano Suarez and Ana Garay. It aims to make this great work more accessible. Despite losing instrumental grandeur the score remains the same, and the production is very intimate. The Liceu Theater in La Rambla is offering a point of sale, there are up to 300 seats per function and the performance begins after 20:00.

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