Sexist “Hazte Oír” bus comes to Barcelona

Yesterday morning the Hazte Oír (get heard) bus arrived in Barcelona. The bus has the slogan: “it isn’t gender violence,it’s domestic violence. Gender laws discriminate against men“ on its side, accompanied by an image of Hitler with the name of the campaign, #StopFeminazis. On Avenida Diagonal, in a university area, a group of activists managed to stop the bus for approximately half an hour, in an action organized by various collectives including Endavant and Arran. Catalan police, removed the people who had managed to retain the vehicle and took the details of some of them. But the bus was sanctioned by the Barcelona’s Urban Guard for violating the city’s coexistence regulations and Catalan advertising law and Barcelona’s public prosecutor called for the bus to be stopped for hate and discrimination crimes in the wake of complaints from the Catalan Women’s Institute.

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