Attacks spark discontent

Last weekend’s double attack on a hostal where 35 unaccompanied foreign minors were staying causes much political and social unrest

The double attack at Cal Ganxo that took place last weekend has sparked both political and social unrest in Castelldefels. This municipally owned hostel is managed by the Catalan Eslpai Foundation (Fundesplai) which organizes environmental and indoor education activities and is currently housing 35 minors who arrived in Catalonia unaccompanied by parents or guardians. Yesterday afternoon local organizations convened a demonstration in the square outside the city hall and a number of associations, including the neighbourhood confederation CONFAVC and the trade union CCOO signed the manifesto calling for authorities to take action against these “criminal acts” and for better management for the centers. Groups of organizations working with children and young people and the Catalan ombudsman also showed their concern about the weekends’ events, but there was also tension at the protests where a group of people expressed support for the attacks.

The political discontent arising from these incidents resulted in the Generalitat presenting a complaint against the attack, which has been described as racist by the secretary of equality, migrations and citizenship, Oriol Amorós. The Castelldefels city council is holding out for the police report assessing whether or not the attack had racist motives before it makes the decision about pressing charges. In fact, the mayor of Castelldefels, Maria Miranda, yesterday described the Saturday attack as a brawl between young people.The Spanish network of immigration and refugee aid announced yesterday that it will also be pressing charges and criticized the “lack of real involvement on the part of the administrations” in the management of unaccompanied minors.

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