PSC predicts election wins at all levels

The Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) yesterday, at their municipal convention in Barcelona, held at the Hopsital of Sant Pau, claimed they would see wins in the upcoming elections in Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain.

Asserting that Ada Colau, current Mayor of Barcelona, had “failed”, Jaume Collboni, the PSC candidate for her seat also said that Manuel Valls, the Spanish-born French ex-politician running for M«ayor of the Catalan capital, was simply doing so as a “springboard” into Spanish politics. Collboni and colleagues appealed to voters who were “not pro-independence, moderates”, and who could not accept the infiltration of the centre right by the extreme right, which he stated was the case of the Ciudadanos Party. In a rare move, he asked citizens to decide if they thought Barcelona was better off before Colau, or after, claiming she had done nothing for the city.

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