Judge demands all info related to CUP HQ seige

Judge of Instruction Number 9 of Barcelona has called on the public prosecutor of Barcelona to produce all information and files related to the actions carried out on September 20, 2017, with regard to the entry into and search of, the Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP Party) headquarters, undertaken by the National Police.

With this resolution, the magistrate is supporting request by the lawyer for the CUP and ex CUPdeputy prosecutor Benet Salellas, who seeks to clarify the police action, as the party contends the police sought to enter without a judicial order into the headquarters of a political party.

Those responsible for the operation have testified in court that they were searching for posters regarding the self-determination referendum, and were seeking to enforce the order to seize all materials related to the 1-O vote, as it had been suspended b the Constitutional Tribunal.

The party will also seek to bring forth the testimony of Eduardo Cáliz, who is a party lawyer, and who was present when agents of the Spanish police attempted to enter the premises. At the time, Spanish police made a cordon of agents around the building, and whilst they were letting some people in and out, they were waiting for a judicial order, which never came.

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