Recuperating love at Fabra i Coats

Mireia Sallarès (Barcelona, 1973) has dedicated four-years to an investigation into love in Serbia. The investigation will be on show until April 28 at the Fabra i Coats art center. It was not easy to conceive of this idea, the gestation process was far from smooth, and Sallarès’ last challenge involved finding a way to exhibit her investigation, which has ended up involving an installation, a publication and a seminar.

“The concept of love has been worn away so much it is empty of meaning” says the artist. “Love is a powerful force of production, not just reproduction. And the capitalist system exploits it, as it exploits labour. So we have to redefine it and transform it. We have to recycle it” argues Sallarès, who did not limit her research to considering romantic love alone, but has also explored the love of ideas and things: “call it your country, call it private property”.

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