Britain heading for long Brexit

British Parliament today votes on alternative plans to resolve crisis; May committed to a long postponement

The UK is heading towards a long Brexit. Firstly, because Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday ruled out a no-deal Brexit, which was the only alternative to her agreement, and said that they would most likely, against her will, have to ask the EU for a long extension, which could be until 2021 and would involve British politicians running for European election at the end of May.

Secondly, because the DUP, whose votes are key to approving May’s agreement, yesterday said they prefer the Prime Minister demand a long extension rather than support her.

And thirdly because Parliament will today vote on a series of alternative plans after a Conservative-Labour amendment was approved to take control of Brexit on Monday night. Two-thirds of the UK Parliament are in fact pro-Europe, and if MPs take the helm, it is very likely that there will be a soft Brexit or even a revocation. The EU’s reaction to the adoption of the amendment was very positive. “We hope that there will be cooperation between the parties from now on,” said Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament coordinator for Brexit.

The EU set the condition for accepting an extension of May putting other alternatives on the table. That is, she must get rid of her red lines of leaving the customs union and the single market and the EU ceasing to have jurisprudence over the UK.

Today’s vote is not binding and May has already warned that she will not implement the result or take it to the EU. Although she may not be obliged to legally, morally she might.

It was still to be confirmed, but up to seven proposals could be voted on today, which could include May’s plan, a no-deal Brexit, a standard free trade agreement, a second referendum and the revocation of article 50.

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