Music and tragedy on the Mediterranean

The Portalblau festival in L’Escala is an event that looks towards the Mediterranean, with all that implies: the cradle of cultures going back thousands of years has also been the site of many tragedies, the most recent being the crisis of refugees risking their lives to get to Europe. This legacy will be reflected in the 12th edition of Portalblau, which will include spaces for debate as well as a major artistic project on the Escala beaches called Maremortum, by visual artist Marc Sellarès.

As for the festival’s musical content, veteran vocalist Paco Ibáñez will give a concert in nearby Empúries, as will Operación Triunfo winner Alfred Garcia. The festival’s other venues will see performances from the likes of Pau Riba, Marc Parrot, Clara Peya, Rusó Sala and Anna Roig with the Àlex Cassanyes Big Band Project.

Portalblau festival
July 11 - August 9
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