Six strings and a wooden box

The Garrigues Guitar Festival “Memorial Emili Pujol” takes places in towns in Lleida, such as Borges Blanques, Cogul, Bellaguarda, Granyena de les Garrigues, Vinaixa, Torrebesses, Arbeca, Juneda and Pobla de Cérvoles, among others. The festival began in 2012 to honour the memory of classical guitarist and composer Emili Pujol, who was at the height of his powers in the 1970s.

The festival brings together the best guitarists and instructors of the moment, with such big names in the field as the Scaramouche Quartet, Neus Plana & Maria Camahort, Raul Viela, Cales Herraiz, the Duo Fraseggio (pictured), Immaculate Balsells, the Salzburg Guitar Trio, Marisa Martins with Jaume Torrent, Maria Gibert, and Laura Núñez.

Yet the festival does far more than showcase the talents of major artists, and also includes a series of workshops on Pujol’s legacy. It also has a campus for devotees to refine their abilities, and a competition for up-and-coming classical guitarists, while also promoting local heritage and gastronomy.

Garrigues Guitar Festival
Until August 24
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