The Eye

Ville d'Angers, 2014

Photo: Thierry Bonnet

An explosion of colour

Despite having no shortage of homegrown festivals, Catalonia is always willing to import foreign celebrations if they promise their participants a good time. The likes of Halloween or Saint Valentine's Day have been gaining ground in recent years and now the Hindu Holi festival appears to be making inroads into the annual agenda.

It is hardly surprising that the celebration of spring in which people douse each other in coloured pigments and water (see image) is becoming all the rage at this time of year. The elaborate water fight that leaves participants caked head-to-foot in a rainbow of colours has all the elements to be a hit during local festes major, and more than one Catalan town has included a Holi festival on its programme of events this year.

In fact, the Holi festival is even finding its way on to the programmes of larger, official events. The Fira Tàrrega street theatre festival, for example, will this year feature a parade called, The Colour of Time. Organised by French theatre company, Artonik, the choreographed parade involves actor-dancers and musicians enacting a Holi festival in which visitors to the fair will be encouraged to take part. As always, the fair will take place on the second weekend of September. If you decide to go along, don't forget to take a change of clothes!

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