Collected works of Dylan Thomas published in Catalan

After years of unstinting endeavour, Edicions Els Llums has finally presented the complete poetic works of the influential Welsh writer Dylan Thomas in Catalan. Poesia reunida (1934-1952) is a project that poet and translator Isidre Martínez Marzo (Valencia, 1964) spent decades working on in an attempt to produce flawless versions of Dylan's work.

Edicions Els Llums editor Joan R. Riera explains that it is a translation with history: “In 2003, Sam Abrams wrote an article, also in Punt Avui, urging its publication. But it was impossible then due to rights considerations. It's been sitting in the drawer for a decade until we finally bought the rights for the translation from English to Catalan.”

The volume contains all of the poetry of Dylan Thomas for the first time in Catalan, taking as its starting point the original edition of “Collected Poems: 1934-1952”, which the author took great care over before his death.

The Catalan collection therefore contains all that the poet himself wished to preserve, which is evident in a revealing note at the beginning, after the dedication to his wife and muse, Caitlin. The note was signed by Dylan Thomas in November 1952, a year before his death in New York at just 39, a victim of alcohol poisoning.

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