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The project to turn English into Catalonia's third language continues

The situation of English today is not the same as 10 years ago. Even if the socio-linguistic objective of establishing a third language in Catalonia has not yet been fulfilled, there has nevertheless been...

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Motor cyclists from Romania

You have to be very valiant to ride a motor bike if you have cerebral palsy. This was the conclusion I reached when two men arrived at my house this morning and rang my bell. My cleaning lady and friend...

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Voting in the 21st century

I have a confession to make. No, it's not what you think. In fact, it's worse: I did not vote in the November 9 participative process. In my defence, it would be better to express it as I still haven't...

Thousands of couples, both gay and not, kiss each other during a mass 'kiss-in' organised by Arcigay.  EFE
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The best of times

Has there ever been a better time to be alive in the history of our tortured, super-intelligent species? At the press of a few buttons we have virtually all the accumulated knowledge of the last several...

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Catalonia's sporting winners for 2014

When I started this column in January, the aim was to focus the spotlight on some of Catalonia's sporting talent. This is a small country blessed by a disproportionate number of champions, but the heroes...

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The start of an ambitious adventure

November is an important month for the country, but also for the magazine you have in your hands right now. As you will see in this issue, on November 10 Catalonia Today starts a new adventure by providing...

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A worthwhile journey

Catalonia Today, in conjunction with El Punt Avui and El Punt Avui TV, enters a new ambitious phase of life on November 10. Until now, Catalonia Today has produced a monthly magazine and a weekly article...

Lluís Romero
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Dancing out in space

Last month the Catalan president signed a law which allows Catalan citizens to be consulted about whatever a majority of them deems consultable. This law is no magician's rabbit: the power to implement...


Whatever happens, keep the dignity

Goodness knows what the headlines will be declaring by the time you are reading this, but Spain's constitutional court did what everyone expected it would. Yes, we knew, of course we did. But in the days...

Lluís Romero

A homage to Girona

I've realised I must follow my last column praising the Catalan capital with a homage to what was my home for the past ten years, the wonderful Medieval city of Girona. The label “city” feels misleading,...