Things can only get better

It’s become something of a tradition at Catalonia Today to dedicate a number of pages in the December issue of the magazine to reviewing some of the key events – in various walks of life, at home and...

Banksy: here to stay

The exhibition on the most well-known and global of urban street artists at the Espai Trafalgar gallery in the centre of Barcelona is hoping to become a permanent museum, and will get 17 new additions from November

Jordi Abad Lalanza

Death Cafés

What do you think is the most important thing people should know about Death Cafes?They are informal gatherings where we talk about death related topics. It is a space of complete trust. It’s non-therapeutic...


One of the criticisms of the Catalan independence movement is the supposed divide it incites, by grouping society into those for or against it. Granted, separations are no minor thing, even more so within...

Marc Sanjaume
Political Scientist

“Cameron’s plan was for the no vote to win by a landslide”

Sanjaume analyses how issues such as Brexit are affecting the independence issue and the current state of politics in Scotland