from the editor

The ongoing battle over our personal data

For a few years now, data has become the oil of the fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution. This explains the enormous interest of both private corporations and public authorities in accessing...

A 'normal' Sant Jordi

After two years of being seriously affected by the pandemic, this year’s celebration of books and roses will be closer to what it was before coronavirus struck

How will plants adapt to climate change?

Lack of water has consequences for the environment. A team from the University of Girona is studying how Mediterranean plants will adapt to future scenarios

Every drop counts

The recent rain has brought a respite to the unusual winter drought. However, the threat is a latent one and Catalonia is now in a state of pre-alert that should make us think about how to manage water in the current climate emergency

from the editor

Save water, save life

In most parts of the world, water is a scarce resource and unevenly distributed, while a lot of it is wasted, polluted and unsustainably managed. It has been and still is the source of many disputes, tensions...

Carles Ibáñez

“We have to decide whether to anticipate or react”

One of the authors of a recent report on the health of the coast by the Advisory Council for the Sustainable Development of Catalonia gives his take on how to improve the situation

Arturo speaks in Catalan

Barcelona’s Coliseum theatre is hosting La Cubana’s ‘Adeu Arturo’, a show that’s been touring Spain for three years

English, a new social arbiter

The English language level among students varies greatly depending on their financial situation and lockdowns have only served to exacerbate the differences

Coastline at the limit

The Catalan coast is overbuilt and densely populated, while the long-term effects of human intervention have altered the dynamics of its beaches. Action is no longer merely advisable, but a necessity

The danger of microplastics

Growing scientific evidence shows how microplastics are harming not only the environment but also human health. A recent study shows how they alter our gut microbiota