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War in times of pandemic

While this month our main focus is on climate issues here in Catalonia, elsewhere all the worst predictions have come true and war, in all its cruelty, has broken out again in Europe. The Russian invasion...

The Morandi enigma

After suspending it for two years due to the pandemic, La Pedrera resumes its programme of exhibitions with a retrospective of the great 20th century Italian painter

Frida Kahlo’s pain

The Digital Arts Centre of Barcelona invites us to immerse ourselves in the turbulent life of Frida Kahlo, one of the 20th century’s most innovative and influential artists


Farmhouses constitute heritage that is being lost. They require investment to maintain and receive no subsidies. However, the pandemic has sparked renewed interest in them among a new generation of leasers, who represent one solution for their survival

“Catalan has opened many work and social doors for us”

Natalia Angarita was born in Colombia and at the age of 16 she moved with her family to Cardedeu. A few months later, thanks to school and making new friends, she spoke Catalan without any difficulty....

Captivated by Catalan

As many as 150 universities around the world offer Catalan studies; career opportunities and curiosity about linguistic diversity are the main reasons given by students

D. Postico/M. Moreno. mmoreno@elpuntavui.cat

Catalan trade passing the Brexit test

Catalan companies are overcoming the obstacles arising from the UK’s struggle to leave the EU on its own terms

Rebels put pressure on Brussels

The ongoing duel between Warsaw and Budapest with Brussels has already reached the courts. Poland has gone further in its challenge, with all-but unconditional support for Hungarian president, Viktor Orbán....

Knocking on Europe’s door

The arrival of pro-Europe Maia Sandu in the presidency in December has meant that this small country of only three million people is now looking towards the European Union. Moldova is one of the poorest...

A migrant crisis orchestrated by strongman Lukashenko

The Belarus president aims to destabilise the EU with an avalanche of immigrants after the uprising against his regime