Exotic birds continue to gain ground

The third edition of the ‘Catalan Breeding Bird Atlas’ identifies 17 more nesting species in the country than in the first edition 40 years ago, of which nine are from foreign climes

(Probably) the best TV series ever

Recommendations website FilmAffinity has posted film and TV reviews for 19 years

Screen overuse triggering wave of short-sightedness

The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2050 half of the global population will suffer from myopia

Widespread mobile phone use is driving cyberbullying

Harassment via electronic means is on the rise and has gone up during the pandemic, according to latest b-resol survey

T. Márquez / S. Muñoz. tmarquez@elpuntavui.cat

Hookedon phones

Teenagers today live on their phones and seem largely unaware of the need to set some limits

“I really want to be the person I used to be before”

Carlos wants to be who he was when he knew nothing about agoraphobia. Little by little, he is finding his way back into the world

“The longer you don’t go out, the harder it becomes”

In Japan it’s called hikikomori (being confined), but here too there are people who sometimes spend years at home without leaving

Living online

With the continuing excuse of the pandemic, we can easily and comfortably stay at home most of the time. But how does that affect our mental health?

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A dangerous dependence

Teenage addiction to technology, especially internet applications, is a growing concern among experts and families alike. It is not a new phenomenon, it’s been around as long as smartphones. Yet the...

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Christmas gifts under threat

The crisis in raw materials and transport poses problems for retailers and customers during the Christmas shopping period