Worst harvest of the century

Covid-19 and the mildew plague have marked a harvest expected to be scarce and with poor yields, especially in the Penedès region; the Penedès coronavirus prevention protocol is to be exported to the other DO regions

A unique archeological site next to the lake

Work on the Olympic facilities in Banyoles 30 years ago brought to light an amazing archaeological site. La Draga has made it possible to find out much about life in a Neolithic village 7,400 years ago

Consumption in the spotlight

Getting over the coronavirus pandemic is supposed to lead to more responsible habits, but with a potential economic crisis on the horizon the same efforts at sustainability cannot be expected of everyone

Books and roses till midnight

The publishing and flower sectors organising the Sant Jordi celebration put back from April 23 to July 23 due to the coronavirus crisis are working to install up to 300 stalls in Barcelona that will stay open until late


“Covid-19 is a wake-up call”

The professor and scientific researcher at the University of Leicester warns that the coronavirus pandemic must be used to prepare for the possible appearance of an even more dangerous microorganism in the future

Juan Pablo Horcajada

“Too little has been spent on preventing epidemics”

Dr Horcajada argues that the speciality of infectious diseases has not received the attention it deserves and that a change of mindset is needed to help prevent the threats from epidemics and even bioterrorism

A gold mine?

Cannabis is more than just a recreational drug, it is also a focus of medical research and a prospect for investors


Cases: 8,782 Deaths: 125 Recovered: 8,164


Cases: 1,061,496 Deaths: 29,328 Recovered: 625,343


Cases: 2,743,341 Deaths: 157,399 Recovered: 945,523