MEGACITIES of the future

With the world’s urban population set to keep rising, among the many challenges facing megacities is achieving sustainable and balanced growth. Catalonia’s largest urban centres are aiming to deal with their growing populations by opting to strengthen local neighbourhoods and empowering the citizens who live there

Columbus’ Catalan origins

Historian Jordi Bilbeny’s latest book on Columbus claims he was a Catalan noble born in 1414

Marko Daniel
Director of the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona

Understanding Miró as a whole

The new head of the Fundació Miró says he wants to “revitalise” the artist and show his work off the world

Shakespeare’s counterfeiters

For centuries theories have cast doubt over whether the plays attributed to the Bard were actually written by the Stratford playwright

Waco, post-truth

Miniseries replays the tragic events that took place in Texas in 1993 from a viewpoint that challenges the official narrative

Learning how to teach languages

Avancem is an innovative pilot project involving the Catalan government and schools aiming to integrate language teaching and the coordination of language teachers with the aim of achieving true plurilingualism

Núria Sebastián

Language learning is emotional

Having trained at the Max Planck Institute in Munich and the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris, Núria Sebastián is today a professor of psychology at Pompeu Fabra University, where the...

Catalonia’s celebration of books and roses

April 23 is one of the country’s main annual dates when people are out searching for the ideal Sant Jordi gift

Wherefore art thou George?

How did a little-known Roman soldier executed in a religious dispute go on to become a revered religious figure in places and cultures all over the world?

“My Sant Jordi starts in February!”

Ever wondered what Sant Jordi means for a bookshop in central Barcelona? We did too, so we dropped in to Come In English bookshop on Carrer Balmes for a chat with those responsible for filling the stands and shelves on the big day