Coping with coronavirus beyond our borders

Coronavirus has spread everywhere around the globe, crossing borders and oceans. In Catalonia, people were confined at home for weeks, but what has daily life been like for Catalans living all over the planet? Here, some of them talk about their experiences during the crisis


The pandemic may prove the catalyst for a major paradigm shift in the world of education

All there is to know about coronavirus

What is Covid-19? And SARS-CoV-2? Is the virus deadly? Who is most at risk? We answer many of the questions and doubts surrounding the pandemic

Xavier Rodó
Researcher at the Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)

“Covid-19 is just a taste of what may come next”

A specialist in climate and disease, this scientist argues for reducing human pressure on the environment and other species to help prevent emergencies like the current pandemic.Has the magnitude and evolution...

The market or your life!

We’ll get through this, but not fully if we haven’t learned anything from it. Some graffiti has been passed around social media with an A for anarchism, saying: “We can’t go back to normal because...

Lucky we have Europe!

The perfect storm has suddenly arrived in the form of an unknown virus. Economic activity, trade and the stock market have fallen dramatically, unlike anything seen in decades. The economic crisis will...

What might we find at the end of the tunnel?

Someone recently said to me: “It’s like waking up from a nightmare and realising the nightmare is continuing. And you still feel the same anguish.” And someone else: “I have a strange feeling of...

Discovering teleworking

Working from home has shot up since the coronavirus crisis started, despite the reluctance of firms with one eye on their profits and employees’ fears of becoming isolated

Stress-free animals

Human confinement has led to wildlife appearing in unusual places; however, they are not reclaiming territory, only “poking their heads out”, as on other occasions; some species are suffering negative effects from confinement

More species awareness is needed

If we look at the effects of this virus, we could say that, as a species, it has held up a mirror to us. It has made us see our shame. This is the pandemic of the scientific-technological revolution, the...