Boost for pro-independence camp

With ERC winning a record 22 seats in the Spanish parliament and JxCat’s seven seats, the parties in favour of a republic are well-placed to put pressure on Pedro Sánchez to engage in talks with Catalonia


Boosting innovative initiatives across Catalonia to attract more visitors throughout the year is one of the goals of the government’s latest strategic plan for the sector



Uncertainty persists regarding how and when the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) after Theresa May suffered a third consecutive defeat in the House of Commons over the withdrawal...

A season of PASSION

The season of passion plays is underway around Catalonia, with the biggest productions taking place in Olesa, Esparreguera, Cervera and Ulldecona, the latter celebrating 65 years of putting on the story of Jesus

Electoral marathon

Voters will be called to the ballot box three times in under a month, with a general election followed by local and European elections, all against the backdrop of the ongoing trial of independence leaders in Spain’s Supreme Court

The German Picasso

For the first time, CaixaForum in Barcelona displays around 50 works by the German painter Max Beckmann, a sensitive soul who suffered the tumultuous 20th century and was chased out of his country by the Nazis


We look back fondly at the satirical novelist, who was a resident of Catalonia, and his connection with the magazine

Tales of EXILE

On February 5, 1939, the French authorities opened the border to the exiles concentrated on the other side. What follows are testimonies of those who experienced the tragedy

Alexandre Blasi Boher

”The day after setting out [February 1, 1939] I couldn’t do much because Puig had left for France and not left me any supplies, and so I had to take charge. Garcia, who was in charge of the Mina and...

Carme Casas i Godessart

“I was hoping to find a welcoming land, a safe place to stop and rest, far from the reach of the fascists. A nice place that would compensate for the loss of my parents, as I did not know where they...