Juan Pablo Horcajada

“Too little has been spent on preventing epidemics”

Dr Horcajada argues that the speciality of infectious diseases has not received the attention it deserves and that a change of mindset is needed to help prevent the threats from epidemics and even bioterrorism

A gold mine?

Cannabis is more than just a recreational drug, it is also a focus of medical research and a prospect for investors


Cases: 8,782 Deaths: 125 Recovered: 8,164


Cases: 1,061,496 Deaths: 29,328 Recovered: 625,343


Cases: 2,743,341 Deaths: 157,399 Recovered: 945,523


Cases: 131,818 Deaths: 3,814 Recovered: 55,181


Cases: 1,979,578 DeathS: 171,874 Recovered: 958,838

Coping with coronavirus beyond our borders

Coronavirus has spread everywhere around the globe, crossing borders and oceans. In Catalonia, people were confined at home for weeks, but what has daily life been like for Catalans living all over the planet? Here, some of them talk about their experiences during the crisis


The pandemic may prove the catalyst for a major paradigm shift in the world of education

All there is to know about coronavirus

What is Covid-19? And SARS-CoV-2? Is the virus deadly? Who is most at risk? We answer many of the questions and doubts surrounding the pandemic