Pandemic spikes amid new threat of political instability

Italy is one of the countries that has been most punished by Covid in Europe, while instability returns to the forefront in politics

A post-Brexit scenario with the most radical wing of unionism

Ireland faces new challenges in the second year of Brexit, while changes in economic policy could be a headache for the government

Sovereignty and joining the EU

The Balkan war ended over two decades ago, and since then the affected countries in the heart of old Europe have been queuing up to join the European Union. So far, only Slovenia and Croatia have managed...

The war in waiting

One of the most serious threats facing the European Union today is the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Having left more than 13,000 dead in seven years of violence, the conflict is being used...

Looking to consolidate Brexit under a PM on the ropes

The UK is struggling to find its feet after leaving the European Union, while Boris Johnson’s position is increasingly weak

Elections in the shadow of an empowered far right

The presidential election in April will mark 2022 in France, while the country continues to struggle to improve security

Recovering from the pandemic and the end of the Merkel era

Germany begins 2022 under a new chancellor and continuing the fight against Covid with one of Europe’s lowest vaccination rates

Europe in a mess

In the midst of a pandemic and after the departure of an undisputed leader in Angela Merkel, Europe has begun a new year in which the UK’s exit is already a fact, elections loom in France, and the war in Ukraine is ongoing

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West and East face-off in the heart of Europe

The West and Russia are immersed in a dispute that has sparked speculation about the possible outbreak of a war that both blocs insist they do not want. The cause of this crisis is again Ukraine, a republic...


“Cyberattacks have gone up since the pandemic began”

Whether for work or our personal lives, the security expert argues that we need to take a series of precautions in our online lives