Americans in Catalonia have their say

US expats give their views on the race for the White House and what it might mean for the future of their country

A dirty campaign

On November 8 US voters choose a new president, after a sordid electoral campaign like no other

Temporada Alta 25 years young

The performing arts festival celebrates its 25th edition with the best of international and Catalan drama

Half a century of major league jazz

Dave Brubeck opened Barcelona's jazz festival 50 years ago, which kicks off on October 1 with a strong offer of young and established talent under the sponsorship of Voll-Damm

Creating a collective emotional space

A hip-hop version of Peter and the Wolf opens the new OSV season in a programme that includes film soundtracks, work from great classical composers and the songs of Frank Sinatra

From Renoir to Miralda

The exhibition season sees an autumn of big-name artists, including Picasso, Oteiza, Lluïsa Vidal and Duchamp

No way of stopping the old guard

The autumn music season kicks off with the publication of Bruce Springsteen's autobiography and new albums from veteran performers Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison

Hitting a high note

Musicals dominate the new season in Barcelona's theatres with the return of Dagoll Dagom and La Cubana and a full drama programme at the Lliure and the TNC

A big new season for the small screen

Autumn returns with raft of new series including a third season of Black Mirror on Netflix and Woody Allen's new series Crisis in Six Scenes, to be shown on Amazon

Horror and fantasy beside the seaside

From October 7 to 16 the Sitges film festival returns for its 49th edition with its usual strong line-up of more than 200 movies from new and established directors from all over the world